Love Frankie X Muck N Brass Part II

Saturday, 28th July 2018 – Posted in: Launch

Hot off the heels of our latest collaboration with Luxecycling Queen Muck N Brass, we’re pleased to introduce the third and final Silhouette Lampshade set.

Furtiva Lagrima translates as one tear that falls secretly and is from the first collection of Wallpaper from Muck N Brass. A brilliant collaboration between Muck N Brass and talented illustrator Laura Hyden (who you may recognise due to a certain little kooky lemur!)

We’ve complemented the beautiful wallpaper with 3 bright summer cottons – Chartreuse, Sunshine Yellow and Sage Green to bring a refreshing pop of colour into your home.

Furtiva Lagrima is a stunning collage style design featuring disjointed eyes and lips, surrounded by the wonderfully illustrated hummingbirds, moths, feathers, flowers and leaves.

One eye is disguised modestly by an inky monstera leaf, this, mixed with addition of a seductive bitten lip gives the beautiful design a captivating and provocative edge.

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