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Grey Volcano Lamp


Love Frankie Beetlejuice lamp baseSmall Beetlejuice Black and White Striped Lampbase
Out of stock

Beetlejuice Black and White Striped Lamp – Small


Medium Smiley Face LED LampMedium Smiley Face LED Lamp - Light On

The Medium Smiley Face LED Lamp


Love Frankie Fiddle Fig Faux Plant

Faux Fiddle Fig Leaf Tree – 90cm


Faux Cereus Potted Cactus
Out of stock

Large Faux Cereus Potted Cactus



Bar LED Neon Light


Love Frankie Cocktails neon light

Cocktails LED Neon Light



Gin Bar LED Neon Light



Linen Bubbles Wall Hanging in Jet Black



Linen Pebbles Wall Hanging in Jet Black


Paradise Jungle Oversized MuralParadise Jungle Oversized Mural

Paradise Jungle Oversized Mural


Ecocene Monochrome Desert Wall HangingEcocene Monochrome Desert Wall Hanging

Eocene Palm Wall Hanging


Monochrome Forest Wall Hanging


love-frankie-jungle-muralOversized Jungalow mural

Oversized Jungle Mural


Vintage Palm Jungle Monochrome Wall HangingVintage Palm Jungle Monochrome Wall Hanging

Vintage Palms Wall Hanging



Good Vibes Only Pink Neon Light


Love Frankie life is beautiful red neon light

Life Is Beautiful Neon Light



Disco Neon Light Box in Pink



Love ‘n’ Heart LED Neon Lightbox


Love Frankie all we need is love neon light

All We Need Is Love LED Neon Light


Boho Rattan Decorative Wall ShelfLove Frankie Circular Bamboo Shelf

Circular Boho Fanned Rattan Shelf


Round Boho Rattan Decorative Shelflove-frankie-rattan-wall-shelf

Round Boho Decorative Bamboo Shelf



Botanical Wall Hanging



Coconut Palms Wall Hanging


Wall mounted decorative Faux Bison Headslove-frankie-bison-skull-wall-hanging

Medium Faux Bison Head Wall Hanging