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For The Green Fingered

Love Frankie Elephants Ear Faux Plant

Faux Alocasia Elephants Ear Plant


Love Frankie Blue Candle Cactus

Faux Blue Candle Cactus


Love Frankie Fiddle Fig Faux Plant

Faux Fiddle Fig Leaf Tree – 90cm


Love Frankie Flowering Faux Moon Cactus

Faux Flowering Mamillaria Cactus With Pink Flowers


Love Frankie Cactus White Flower

Faux Flowering Mamillaria Cactus With White Flowers


Love Frankie faux flowering moon cactus

Faux Flowering Moon Cactus With Red Moons


Love Frankie Cactus Red Flower

Faux Golden Barrel with Red Flowers


Faux String of Pearl Sprays

Faux Leafy Vine Sprig


Faux Scencio Sprig


Love Frankie
Out of stock

Faux Trailing Fittonia Potted Plant 50cm


Love Frankie Black Pathos Trailing Plant

Faux Trailing Noir Satin Pothos Plant


Love Frankie Watermelon Faux Plant

Faux Watermelon Peperomia Trailing Plant – 30cm


Love Frankie Watermelon Trailing Plant
Out of stock

Faux Watermelon Peperomia Trailing Plant – 45cm



Large Woven Seagrass Basket with Handle


Ecocene Monochrome Desert Wall HangingEcocene Monochrome Desert Wall Hanging

Eocene Palm Wall Hanging


Vintage Palm Jungle Monochrome Wall HangingVintage Palm Jungle Monochrome Wall Hanging

Vintage Palms Wall Hanging