Deadly Night Shade Wallpaper Collection

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Designer and Creative Director Johanna Franks unveils her latest collection DEADLY NIGHT SHADE. A myriad of fantastical creatures and fabulous foliage. Johanna’s signature style is the epitome of the heart and soul of the Love Frankie. Wildly romantic, whimsical with more than just a hint of naughtiness.

Each element has been carefully considered bringing together all our favourite elements from colour and pattern, to nature and the animal kingdom.
Johanna’s design has been brought to life and masterfully painted in watercolour by artist Laura Moscato. This digital masterpiece adorns a multitude of materials including velvet and wallpaper and builds the basis of our debut lighting, wallpaper and cushion collection designed and handmade to order by Love Frankie…

The Deadly Night Shade design illustrates our fearless feline, the Black Panther. She’s powerful and curious in equal measure, her enigmatic stance is softened by flowing foliage and colourful flora in all its vibrant glory. Toxic in the twilight, lit only by the light of the moon our fearless feline weaves in between the shadows. The ambience is calm, eerie, and almost supernatural.
Joined by whimsical hummingbirds and swooping owls ready to catch their prey. These nocturnal hunters work in solidarity throughout this weaving jungle.