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Get ready to light up your world with Love Frankie’s brand new collection of neon lights. Neon lights have always been a favourite at Love Frankie, and now we’re taking it to the next level. We’ve expanded our collection to bring you even more stunning options that will add a touch of glamour and style to any space.

Our collection of LED Neon lights are not only stylish but also practical. They won’t get hot like traditional neon lights, making them safe for any room in your home or office.

Inspired by the glamour of Vegas, vintage movie theatres and New York bars, our collection captures the essence of these iconic settings, giving your space a stylish and unforgettable touch.

Shop now and let Love Frankie illuminate your world with style and sophistication!

  • love frankie drop dead gorgeous neon light in violet

    Drop Dead Gorgeous – Neon Wall Light

  • love frankie bitch please neon light in pink and red

    Bitch Please – Neon Wall Light

  • love-frankie-cocktails-and-dreams-neon-lightlove-frankie-cocktails-and-dreams-neon-light
    Out of stock

    Cocktails & Dreams Neon Wall Light

  • love-frankie-good-vibes-only-pink-neon-lightlove-frankie-good-vibes-only-pink-neon-light

    Pink Good Vibes Only LED Neon Light

  • love-frankie-neon-smiley-light-yellow

    Smiley Neon Wall Light – Acid Yellow

  • love-frankie-neon-smiley-light-pinklove-frankie-mancave-blue-neon-light
  • Love Frankie life is beautiful red neon light

    Life Is Beautiful LED Neon Light – Red

  • love-frankie-mancave-blue-neon-lightlove-frankie-mancave-blue-neon-light

    Mancave LED Neon Light Box – Blue

  • Love Frankie naughty corner neon light

    Naughty Corner Neon in Pure white

  • Love Frankie nobody gets out sober neon light in pink

    Nobody Gets Out Sober LED Neon Light – Pink

  • love-frankie-nobody-gets-out-sober-neon-light

    Nobody Gets Out Sober LED Neon Light – White

  • Love Frankie dancing queen neon light in pink

    Dancing Queen LED Neon Light – Pink

  • love-frankie-pink-disco-neon-lightlove-frankie-pink-disco-neon-light

    Disco LED Neon Light Box – Pink

  • love-frankie-kitchen-disco-pink-neon-lightlove-frankie-neon-dimmer-switch

    Kitchen Disco LED Neon Light Box – Pink

  • love-frankie-bar-neon-light

    Bar LED Neon Light – Red

  • Love Frankie Cocktails neon light

    Cocktails LED Neon Light – Pink

  • love-frankie-gin-bar-neon-lightlove-frankie-neon-light

    Gin Bar LED Neon Light – Green

  • love-frankie-all-of-me-loves-all-of-youLove Frankie all of me loves all of you neon light in red

    All Of Me Loves All Of You LED Neon Wall Light – Red