Helter Skelter

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Step right up and behold the mesmerising spectacle of the Helter Skelter – a vibrant fusion of circus magic and home decor delights, inspired by the whimsy of fun fair rides. Each lampshade in the collection is a masterpiece of tilted diagonal stripes, bursting with joyous colours that dance like performers under the big top. Designed and printed by Love Frankie, these lampshades draw inspiration from our beloved Checkmate checkerboard lamps, ensuring a harmonious blend of style and flair.

Immerse yourself in luxury with our super soft Velvet Helter Skelter lampshades, available in various sizes and configurations to suit your space perfectly. Choose from options with or without a lavish gold lining or opt for an oversized cone for a statement piece that steals the show. With each lampshade exuding a spectacular extravaganza of colour and design, your home will transform into a dazzling circus arena where every corner radiates joy and wonder.​

Join us on this enchanting ride as we illuminate your world in the most spectacular way possible. Let the Helter Skelter lampshade launch be your ticket to a home filled with magic and charm – where every day feels like a celebration under the glow of these magnificent creations.

Step into the spotlight and light up your space with unparalleled style – it’s time to make your home the greatest show on earth!