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Oversized Cone Lampshade - Fable the lounging LeopardFable Leopard Oversized Cone Lampshade

Fable Oversized Cone Lampshades


Trippy Tropical Acid Jungle Velvet Lampshade

Acid Jungle Velvet Lampshade


Love Frankie velvet lampshade fools paradiseAn example of the Love Frankie Lampshade Ring sets

Fools Paradise Velvet Lampshade


Love Frankie ice jungle velvet lampshade

Ice Jungle Velvet Lampshade


Handmade Tropical Leaf Magic Fruits LampshadeHandmade By Love Frankie Tropical Leaf Magic Fruits Velvet Fabric

Magic Fruits Velvet Lampshade


Shadow Crawler Bird inspired LampshadeShadow Crawler Bird inspired Lampshade

Shadow Caller Velvet Lampshade