Love Frankie X Rebel Walls Custom Wall Hangings and Wallpaper Murals

We are incredibly proud to introduce to you our unique and eclectic collection of statement wallpapers and wall murals from Scandinavian designers Rebel Walls.  We have collaborated with Rebel Walls to offer you their entire range of bespoke murals and wallhangings all at the click of a button.
There are plenty of different styles to choose from; ranging from bright, fun kids patterns. Or edgy, distressed concrete and brick effect murals or even the bold, feminine and flirty florals.
Whatever your style, we are sure there is a Rebel Wall for you.


How to Order:

  • Browse the Love Frankie X Rebel Walls collaboration by clicking the image above.
  • Enter the exact dimensions of the wall you wish to cover.
  • Get an immediate quote for your bespoke mural. No paper wastage and no awkward pattern matching, we promise!
  • Complete payment through the Rebel Walls Website.
  • Payments with PayPal, Visa or Mastercard accepted.
  • The wallpaper is generally produced the day of ordering or the day after.
  • The total delivery time worldwide is 5–7 working days with UPS.
  • Wallpaper paste included in all orders.
  • Unleash your rebellious streak and don’t forget to #lovefrankiegang on Instagram as we would love to see!

For full installation instructions and tips – Please take a look at the Rebel Walls Wallpaper Guide

For any questions or if you require any help with ordering, please do not hesitate to get in touch! or call our store 01803 866399