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Colour Focus: Pink & Green

Blush, pastel, hot or neon, no matter which shade of pink you pick we’re certain there’s a green hue out there to match.   We’re talking about the hottest colour combo of 2017; fancy feminine Pink hues mixed with gorgeous rich Greens.  Quickly taking the top spot from our trusty favourite Grey and Yellow, this winning combo has been seen everywhere from the catwalk and nature to interiors and even food. …So forget your avocado…

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Colour Focus: Grey and Yellow

Consider if you will, the constituents of the colour wheel as characters from Winnie The Pooh. Each with their own hue; from earthy and wise old brown owl to blushing, naive and jolly pink piglet. The characters that create the drama of polarity the most and whom we love to watch getting into a tangle are Eeyore and Tigger. Grey and yellow (Ok, Tigger got given a tangerine spray tan by Walt Disney but go…

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