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Stylish Barware and Tasty Tipples

Any Excuse For A Cheers Just launched at Love Frankie HQ is our glorious collection of cocktail glassware and brass and gold barware accessories. The perfect Fathers Day gift for any budding mixologist, let the cocktail connoisseurs in your life mix up a storm as they try out different cocktail recipes. Within the collection we have everything from cocktail sets to muddlers and cocktail shakers to stylish glassware. Everything you'll need to create the perfect… Continue reading

Love Frankie Best Sellers 2018: The Lampshade Edit

Fresh off the success of 2018 we’ve been absolutely blown away with the generosity, support and overwhelming fabulousness of our customers new and old.
This year has focused on increasing our portfolio to offer you an eclectic collection of gifts and homewares to compliment our ever expanding range of handmade lampshades.
But first it’s time for our annual round up of the biggest and best selling Love Frankie lampshades of 2018.

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Colour Makes People Happy

Colour Makes People Happy is an independent paint retailer in South London. Here at Love Frankie Towers we couldn’t agree more. Founded by Simon March as a middle ground between the two extremes of the paint buying retail experience. Neither a hardware nor a stuffy interiors store, he has create a place dedicated to colour and a personal service that allows people to make decisions based on what they like and not what is considered…

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Naughty Forty

I have been thinking of numbers a lot recently. Specifically, the number 1976 subtracted from the number 2016. Despite a prolonged period of denial and repeated checking of my passport, phone and calendar it would seem that the answer remains 40. Does this mean I have earned the right to begin a sentence with the words “In my day”? And would it be a better investment at this point to transplant my whole head onto…

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Peace In The City

London’s Zone one. Frankie and I misspent most of our twenties here, partying up a storm and generally delaying the responsibilities of adulthood for as long as we thought we could get away with. We lived in ultra-urban Vauxhall and were often found doing the Lambeth Walk of shame through Kennington after a long night out. Respite from the hard living and urban sprawl would come in the form of a stumble along the river,…

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the revenant

Congratulations to Leonardo Di Caprio on finally taking home a hard earned BAFTA award this week for his performance in The Revenant. And hard earned it was indeed. Here at Love Frankie Towers the mere act of watching that film rendered us horizontal and in need of a cup of tea. So we can’t imagine what actually filming it would have done to us. And we could have sworn we saw him take a bite…

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Reading with the Small Fries

“So Matilda’s strong young mind continued to grow, nurtured by the voices of all those authors who had sent their books out into the world like ships on the sea. These books gave Matilda a hopeful and comforting message: You are not alone.” Roald Dahl Childhood is not easy. Books can offer a refuge from the challenges of being a small person in a complex world. A place to retreat into fantasy or learn from…

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Little Flea 70s Appreciation Squad!

Our lovely Vintage Kitten Pom Pom Cushion was featured in Little Fleas May Edition of their fab Blog. My top picks from the feature are Pala-Mino, WHistle & Flute and new beachwear brand Beanie & Bear.      

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