Colour Focus: Grey and Yellow

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Consider if you will, the constituents of the colour wheel as characters from Winnie The Pooh. Each with their own hue; from earthy and wise old brown owl to blushing, naive and jolly pink piglet. The characters that create the drama of polarity the most and whom we love to watch getting into a tangle are Eeyore and Tigger. Grey and yellow (Ok, Tigger got given a tangerine spray tan by Walt Disney but go back to the original Shephard illustrations and he is clearly as yellow as sulphur.)

Untitled-1 copy

And the drama of polarity can be created in the home with the greys and yellows of Tigger and Eeyore. A long spell in an entirely grey room might feel like a stint at her Majesty’s Pleasure and too long spent in totally yellow room could induce a migraine. But put the two colours together and they sing.

Apartment Therapy is clearly in agreement with this lovely shot of the Ligne Roset Ruche Settee against a slate grey wall.


Our friends down under aren’t scared of a bit of grey and yellow love either…check out this awesome store Woodsfolk . I am in love with their whimsical styling in their Melbourne store, just gorgeous! There is a great interview with the owner over on the Finders Keepers blog, well worth a read.



Even the mighty Marks and Spencer have referenced a bit of grey and yellow in this lovely set up.

Shot 1A is the master. Shot 1B is an exposure comp if required for the shadows. Shot 2A is an option. Shot 2B is an exposure comp if required for the shadows. Shot 3A is an option. Shot 3B is an exposure comp if required for the shadows. Repro join in flats. fill gap where flat meets pilar. general clean remove light fitting in shot top left.

And lastly we found this moody treasure on Better Homes and Gardens website.


Some days you’re Tigger, others you can’t shake off a touch of the Eeyores. Such is life. But whether it’s a day for bouncing or braying, we say slap up a bit of grey paint, string up a Love Frankie mustard shade and ride out the roller coaster in style!


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