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Animalesque Velvet Collection

Welcome to the mystical world of the Love Frankie ANIMALESQUE Lampshade Collection. Take a trip into our dreamlike wilderness where you’ll find a psychedelic world of magical creatures, mythical lands of tropical blossoms and a never ending abundance of fluorescent flora. We’re talking animal madness, trippy colours, and foliage galore.

Float away in this Animalesque labyrinth as we explore our latest collection made up of 11 new trippy Tropical velvet fabrics. The Animalesque Lampshade Collection is a myriad of Love Frankie classics; from our metallic lined drum lampshade to our signature oversized King and Queen Cone Lampshades, Plus the introduction of our newest design, the oversized Tube Lampshades.

The Animalesque is here, ready to banish the beige and invigorate your interiors!

Monkey Puzzle Oversized Cone LampshadeMonkey Puzzle Oversized Cone Lampshade With the light turned on
Trippy Tropical Acid Jungle Velvet Tall Tube LampshadeTrippy Tropical Acid Jungle Velvet Tall Tube Lampshade

Acid Jungle Tube Lampshade