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Japanese Influence

Take inspiration from Japan and the Japanese mantra of surrounding yourself with the love and respect of the natural world. By inviting muted, natural colours reflective of the flora and fauna around us, helps us to create a truly inspired Zen like paradise.

Our latest collection of Japanese inspired accessories focuses on simplicity and style…

70's Inspired Ceramic Cup - Pistachio70's Inspired Ceramic Cup - Pistachio

70’s Inspired Ceramic Cup – Pistachio


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Circular Mango Wood Chopping Board


Love Frankie round bamboo mirrorLove Frankie round bamboo mirror

Round Bamboo Mirror With Handle



Feather Shaped Mango Wood Serving Dish


Artisan Teak SpoonArtisan Teak Ladle

Artisan Teak Spoon


The Tranquil Bird Song Heron LampshadeThe Tranquil Bird Song Heron Lampshade

Bird Song Velvet Lampshade


Handmade Peacock Floral Mystical Plumes LampshadeHandmade Peacock Floral Mystical Plumes Lampshade

Mythical Plumes Velvet Lampshade


Paradise Jungle Oversized MuralParadise Jungle Oversized Mural
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Paradise Jungle Oversized Mural


Artisan Teak Club LadleArtisan Club Teak Ladle

Artisan Teak Club Ladle


Artisan Ladle

Artisan Teak Ladle with Hole



Artisan Teak Spatula



Artisan Small Teak Spoon