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Jungle Vibes

Think free spirited bohemia, saucy succulents and gorgeous greenery. Our fabulous foliage collection of Palm and Banana leaf lampshades are bang on trend this season and are perfectly suited to fit into almost all decor schemes.

So go on… go WILD with your style and celebrate colour, pattern and plants with Love Frankie and our jungle inspired homewares.

Banana Leaf Tropical LampshadeBanana Leaf Tropical fabric in Green
Cactus GardenCactus Garden Tropical Jungle Fabric

Cactus Garden Lampshade


Love Frankie Flowering Faux Moon Cactus

Faux Flowering Mamillaria Cactus With Pink Flowers


Love Frankie Cactus White Flower

Faux Flowering Mamillaria Cactus With White Flowers


Love Frankie Cactus Red Flower

Faux Golden Barrel with Red Flowers


Large Faux Trailing Philodendron PlantFaux Trailing Philodendron Plant

Large Faux Trailing Philodendron Plant


Love Frankie Palm Springs cushionLove Frankie Palm Springs cushion

Palm Springs Cushion


Small Faux Trailing Philodendron PlantSmall Faux Trailing Philodendron Plant

Small Faux Trailing Philodendron Plant


Spike Island Cactus LampshadeSpike Island Cactus Lampshade

Spike Island Cactus Lampshade


Love Frankie White Leopard Candle HolderLeopard Candlestick

Wild Leopard Candlestick


Faux Cereus Potted Cactus
Out of stock

Large Faux Cereus Potted Cactus


Monkey Puzzle Oversized Cone LampshadeMonkey Puzzle Oversized Cone Lampshade With the light turned on