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Love Frankie Best Sellers 2017: The Lampshade Edit

 L O O K I N G  B A C K Get on board with the hottest and most stylish lighting designs from Love Frankie. We’ve rounded up the tip of the top and best of the rest to share with you.  Join us as we celebrate the year that was 2017…  S I L H O U E T T E  S T Y L E   2017 was THE year of the silhouette shade…Often imitated, but never duplicated.  Having taken…

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Naughty Forty

I have been thinking of numbers a lot recently. Specifically, the number 1976 subtracted from the number 2016. Despite a prolonged period of denial and repeated checking of my passport, phone and calendar it would seem that the answer remains 40. Does this mean I have earned the right to begin a sentence with the words “In my day”? And would it be a better investment at this point to transplant my whole head onto…

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